A different kind of atheist

As I have mentioned, I do not believe in a god or gods. But that does not stop me from thinking about what-if scenarios in which a god might exist. Afterall, “The mark of an educated person is to be able to entertain the thought without accepting it.” So said Aristotle.

So, what if god came up to me and said, “Hey dude, it’s me god. Waz up?” Want to know what I would do? First, I would ask it prove that it was god. It would probably then do a simple trick like pulling a coin out from behind my ear. I would then kick in its nuts or whatever equivalent body part that I think represents its nuts and tell it, “Screw you liar, you are not god cuz god does not exist.” Any being that could allow all the shit that happens in the world to happen could not possibly be god.


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